Introducing Transparent LED Glass

Discover the cutting-edge innovation of LED transparent film, also known as photoelectric film. This groundbreaking technology features a lightweight and transparent display film embedded with RGB-LEDs, seamlessly integrated onto the film substrate and expertly sealed through film pressure packaging.

Our LED film boasts a slim profile with a thickness of less than 2mm, ensuring a sleek and flat surface both front and back. With exceptional transparency and durability, maintenance is effortless, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. Enjoy absolute control throughout the entire process, from raw material selection to production, installation, and post-sales maintenance. Experience the future of display technology with our LED transparent film.

High Transparency

About 50-90% physical transparency with different point spacing,and a reasonable viewing distance of 99% visual transparency

Adjustable High Brightness

With different pixel density, conventional 3000cd/㎡,Highlight 5000cd/㎡;customized>7000cd/㎡

Ultra Thin

The LED are hidden, and the conventional front and rear flat films are <2.5mm.Ultra-thin customized front and rear flat film <1.5mm

Easy to Install

Lightly paste the film on the glass, separate the controller and install it. Plug connection and installation is complete

Crop Stitching

The signal is transmitted in a straight line to ensure that the screen can be cut and spliced.

Non-Destructive Repair

The surface protective film can be replaced at any time to ensure that the screen is brand new at any time, and the bad film that cannot be repaired on site can be directly replaced with a new film.